About us

The unique brand name that has already its way lots of people heart before reaching there homes ,this was the result of great efforts and profound studies in order to reach consumer fulfilling his needs , JAI MATA SWEETS was founded by a joint venture in the year 1987 after a lots of hard work and considering the needs of the products we started another segment in confectionery line ,and we established our puffs and namkeens factory in 2013 which was named as SHRI BANKEY BIHARI FOOD PRODUCTS with the blessing of Julelal ji and our customers.

We welcome you to the taste of expedience of expertly blended toffees ,namkeens and puffs from the unique delectable crunch of or signature candies to delicate balance of rich milk and cream and abundance of creamy and powdered taste in every candies ,our latest edition is our namkeen and puffs with crispy taste blended with organic spices ,our concern stands along as the premier confectionery in these delightful creation our products are manufactured using only the finest and freshest ingredients system.

JAI MATA SWEETS and SHRI BANKEY BIHARI FOOD PRODUCT was built, design and equipped to meets all international standards within the food industry with a highly trained operating staff and a sophisticated computerized operation and with careful scrunting at all levels of products by a team of highly skilled quality control staff , the factory has achieved a sustenance level of quality performance in the processing of all
the products.

Kishan Kumar nehalani

Main Head

Rajkumar nehalani

Marketing Executive Head

Rajesh kumar nehalani